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jueves, 2 de julio de 2009

Six weeks at senhor puente’s class... lessons and teachings.

I spent six weeks attending the most outstanding classroom. Senhor Puentes’.

I didn’t know if taking that class would fit for me. But i did it, maybe just to hang out with the classmates or better, to join someone in the eternal breaks that lighted our mornings on that period of time. It is simple to explain, the lessons are free and the teacher is basically repeating old fashion lessons that probably were wrote by one of his more remarkable mentors... whatever the source, now i will definitely spread them.

The first classes were not that exiting, and i already had some plan to fulfil... so I skip them for two days, but the third day came the first lab. And you and I know how much I am into field work and experimentation!, so I attended without doubt.

It took me a while to reach the school, and even had to wait for the others to come, but it was ok, nobody appreciates this chilling time before listening than me. When else can you plan what you are going to hear or learn? Nowhere but in your imagination... and i am proud to say i don’t complete lack one. And yes, did I worked it that day!.

The first weeks were a trial, and then I decide to take the complete course... i learned specially to communicate in several languages, at least the basics. Simple words, said at the right moment that can be as meaningful as the million words I am used to use... but hey!, don’t blame me!, i came to learn didn’t I...Today the course is over and I found myself sniffing into my notes... and realize i took just a bit of the very important topics. And that the major lessons... the life ones will remain inside very long... we learned for example how a perfect milk can change the day, and how a bunch of diving crackers can save public offices clerks of being murdered by starving civilians.

I taught that a banana sandwich can taste better than it looks, and that Americans are not that crazy for peanut butter just because... there is a reason!. I learned how Chileans loved Yoko Ono on the 70’s so much, like to believe in apparitions... but who blame them if they believe (still) in the “chupacabras”?, I learned about parts of the world that i never wanted to know, and i fell in love of the idea to explore them. I noted how blind you are before you open the book and learn that the story is not in the pages, but in the imagination, just like this thoughts.

I practice my skills of cooking under a heavy rain... without a coat, and the brilliant invention a poncho is! I learned that speed on the road... only steels the best of the experience... to ride in a road should be related to enjoy the view, not to reach a point.

I know now that hair allows us travelling on time.

I belong now to the class of 97 that will follow the wise advices: I bought floss.I learn that plastic is not as bad, if you make cloth on it and keep it forever. I practice my Spanish skills translating and explaining Mecano songs... and still have to rase that grade! I learn how to be polite in Chinese... and how their words are simply NOT made for that. I shared my bad hindi knowledge with the class and realize i am far from be the teacher i wish i was. I spoke in Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and English in the sameconversation and felt all the same... and the simple lesson was: they are.

I know now that the curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It was Senhor Puentes car. I know that the ultimate super heroe, Capitan fantastico could be beaten on a rustling match, but will come back restored after he join the hall of justice. I laugh with the names of the main characters of my favourite childhood shows in other languages... and i created a whole new bunch of them in my head. I know that is not about the size of the boat, but the colour of the Capitan’s shoelaces.

I took special notes on the way a hard head can be broken by a pointy cheen. I learned that there are never too much or too less words if the content is complete.

I admired that woman who kept the business with the best smile crying inside cause of her dead husband... just to make him happy a little more. I learned i am not allergic to bees. I understood why the hobbits are supposted to be in the mountains and the elfs in the hot valleys. I prove that if you wake up with a smile, you probably will go to bed with another one... that is the way it works.

I learn that tiny little lies at some public offices can be as helpful as a week of paper work. And cheaper.

I learn that if there is no words to say something in some language, you only have to make them... isnt that how they started anyways? so many words, when only a few could have so much meaning, like aye!, weee!, fine!, chelamos, que me importa, pago, piepe, te toca, mamahuhu, opa, zo ba ma, provecho, waso, hao bu hao, pobrecito... y claro, todo depende del tono y la mirada.

Aprendi que no hay plan ni sitio que mande sobre uno y que al final, hay que seguir el instinto... y a lo mejor se aprende algo.

Graduation was bittersweet, but next course is comming soon... and even when 2 days, i already cant wait to attend there.

thanks Senhor Puente, for the perfect introduction to lab one. And thanks for the promotions on courses to come.

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